Document: Noyo Mathis

Last year during the infancy of my MSc project I kidnapped our friends in Noyo Mathis to make a prototype web series. At the time I had very little idea of what the project would be but knew I wanted to create something they could use to promote their latest recordings. The idea was to delve into the creative process and the motivations behind the band via a studio session. Groups of this size are rarely given that much time to discuss their output with most interviews being fairly short both on social media in video format and in writing on blogs and in newspapers. I feel the reasons for playing in a band and what it entails are far more complicated than what is provided so I wanted to create something a little more extensive and treat them with the same reverence as a signed band. I wanted them to go off on tangents and not feel restricted by a running length or word count.

While you might not know Noyo Mathis they are not a new band. They’ve already released three EPs and a full length album, so the sound has been firmly established for some time. Due to social media, bands and musicians are leaving much larger digital footprints. Now photos and videos exist from the moment a band starts practicing and Noyo are no exception. While I’ve followed the band since their inception I was intrigued to know more about their previous bands and to give a fully formed picture of how Noyo Mathis came to be and how Noyo has changed over the past five years in their words.

The total project runs just under an hour and has been broken into three parts, each one featuring a different song. The crew consisted of myself and my band mates Matt and Rob. Matt and myself operated two Sony Handycams with a third on a tripod and an iPhone also set up. Rob sat behind the mixing desk and helped record the audio. Songs were recorded over several takes and the footage was cobbled together from all of those to the best audio recording. Surprisingly the audio and footage synch up pretty well. The interview was done with three cameras on tripods while I used my iPhone to float between the different members. I had asked Jamie before the interview to give us some questions he thought would surprise his band mates while myself and Matt went through google finding old blog interviews and posts by the band which we could spring on them. Bands post and say an awful lot without recognising its written in stone. This made for a very amusing interview that takes the music seriously whilst still retaining an air of self-depreciation.

The intention was to create more of these throughout 2017 in tandem with my MSc project however time simply did not permit this. Now the MSc is complete I’m interested in creating more to highlight some of the bands playing in Portsmouth and the personalities they consist of. While ‘success’ in a conventional sense may allude these bands they still deserve to be recognised.


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